Plans 2017-18



Viking Fr°ya
S*Krickelin's Mavin
Tatjana Alma Bellomodolls Malibu
(N)Azzi's Jade (N)Ragedy's
Kygs's Stole the show
Noble Seabreeze
Bellomodolls Malibu
(N)Ragedy's Coco Chanel Bellomodolls Malibu



When the kittens leaves:
* At least 12- 14 weeks old
* Registred with NRR
* Dewormed
* Vacinated
* Helth certificate
Sosialised cute kitties *smile*

Pet kittens or for show 8500 nok
For breeders pleace contact me



You can contact me on either E-mail or phone.
Mariann Winnberg: Mob +47 90653730